Bra straps that slip off the shoulder and cause us to pull them all up day are a real pain. Well now there’s a quick and easy way to solve this problem, it’s been a secret that only dressmakers and celebrities have known about for quite some time, but now everyone can use them.

The Strap Trap is really discreet only takes a few minutes and a needle and thread to fit to your clothing, I’ve done a quick tutorial to help show just how easy it is to fit and use the Strap Trap.

1) Firstly turn your summer top or dress inside out and work out where your bra straps will sit in the top or dress, this is generally in the middle of the shoulder but may depend on the style of clothing.

If you’re fitting them to a fairly thin strapped top then put the Strap Trap in the middle of this. the image here is a good example of where to put the strap trap.


Position strap Trap
Step 1

2) Once you know where to put the Strap Trap stitch it to the seam of your top, don’t sew to the fabric directly as this will be unsightly and lumpy.

The stitches don’t need to be too largeor too many, just half a dozen will hold the strap trap securely in place.


Sewing the Strap Trap in Place
Step 2

3) This is how the Strap Trap should look once its sewn in, the stitches should be through the two holes on it, this is to fix it flat to the seam of your top or dress.

Remember to tie off your thread once you’ve done enough stitches.


How to stitch the Strap Trap
Step 3

4) Once the Strap Trap is sewn in and you wear your top or dress, its meerly a case of fitting your bra strap into the Strap Trap to hold it securely in place all day. The Strap Trap can be left attached to your clothing once fitted and then re-used time and time again. Bra straps that are quite wide up to 15mm can fit into the Strap Trap.

Strap Trap can go through the wash but make sure its not too hot a wash cycle.


How it should Look Once Fitted
Step 4