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Caramì. Lingerie Made in Italy’

When you see the words ‘Made In Italy” you imagine gorgeous elegant lingerie that is high in quality and oozes sophistication. Meet Caramì, a new brand of lingerie from two sisters, Camilla and Carlotta who have created something that’s very gorgeous and very Italian.

The story behind the lingerie is one of sisterly love. Camilla was suffering from Anorexia and during a hospital visit the two sisters decided to create a new range of lingerie and sportswear called Caramì. Camilla had always wanted to be a model so as a way to help her sister Carlotta made the promise that if she gained weight she would take photos for the collection. And this is what happened.

The brand offers a lovely range of mid-priced lingerie comprising of some lovely triangle bras, gorgeous shorts and some great looking sports bras.

The story is lovely, the lingerie is lovely and you can see a lot more on the Caramì website.