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Chité. Italian Lingerie That’s Not Boring!

It’s always nice to hear about new collections and we were delighted when Chité landed in our Inbox the other day. This is very original lingerie from Italy.

The motto is “Life is too short to wear boring undies” and this collection certainly is certainly different. Even down to the fact that they don’t launch styles in seasons, but in monthly capsule collections makes Chité a little bit more interesting.

Designed by Chiara and Federica a couple of under 30’s who were studying international diplomacy and pharmacy Chité offers limited edition pieces using luxurious fabrics and expert craftsmanship. We love how their latest collection uses sophisticated golds with a very retro look, you could wear at lots of what they produce as outerwear.

Check out the images above and below of their latest piece, a gorgeous gold bustier and see more on the Chité Lingerie website.