Crystalla Lingerie With the credit crunch, crunching ever harder you might be forgiven for thinking it would be a crazy time to launch a high-end  lingerie brand! However, Crystalla is launching its debut range predicting more of a clinch than a crunch.

The eye-popping colour is tonic enough. Infused with vivid and vibrant colours of crystals, the inspiration behind Crystalla lingerie is unmistakable. Forget black, white and baby pink. Think shimmering Malachite green or glowing Jasper orange. But there’s more to Crystalla  than colour alone. Crystalla lingerie features unique,  patent applied Crystalla PocketsTM which hold crystals  close to the body comfortably and discreetly. Offering  luxury lingerie lovers more for their money.

Juliette Caton, founder of Crystalla told, “Crystals have been used for thousands of years but carrying crystals close to the body can be problematic.”

“Many crystal therapists recommend benefitting from the therapeutic aspects of crystals by carrying them close to you in your underwear. When I tucked crystals into my lingerie they would either catapult across the room or drop down the toilet! Worse was when crystals in my bra gave me nipples of improbable dimensions or bizarre location. Not a good look. ”

Juliette took to wearing crystals after discovering, aged 30, she had the bone density of an 85 year old and was at severe risk of osteoporosis in later life. Using crystals noted for their ability to promote bone building and calcium absorption, whilst she worked on developing the Crystalla range to make it easier for other women to do the same, Juliette’s bone density rose by 7%.

“It’s unique lingerie; the colour and the Crystalla PocketsTM will give the lingerie market a jolt – and make the wearer look and feel energised, confident and full of joie de vivre.”

Made from the highest quality satin and lace, Crystalla lingerie is produced in the last remaining lingerie factory in the UK and comes with a free set of crystals which can be specially selected to suit personal mind/body needs.

Available direct from Crystalla


Crystalla Lingerie