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Desiderio. High end Italian lingerie. Go on, take a peek!

Oh my! If you think of Italian lingerie, clothes and shoes you always think of quality and high end luxury and this new collection from Desiderio is no different, its a high end luxurious collection of lingerie that screams Italian!

The designs are created from 100% Italian materials that encapsulates elegance, weightlessness, and feminine charm. You’ll find a lot of sheer Italian lace and delicate embroidery and when its all put together it gives a very seductive look. The colour palette is very strong with bold reds mixed in with seductive noir,its all very continental.

The new collection is listed as “coming soon” on the website so we’ll keep our eyes peeled, in the meantime check out the pics below and be hope to hear more from this brand in the coming months. Our favourite is the French knickers, picture 2 below!