Just Married Knickers GlamorousAmorous.com has launched Ell & Cee’s Bridal collection exclusively online in the UK.

The Ell & Cee Bespoke & Bridal collection comprises embroidered wedding-themed messages across the line, with labels including:  The Mrs, Just Married, Bride-to-be and Just Married.

Bespoke & Bridal is made from locally sourced silk, or silk chiffon, and is handmade in the UK.

Ell & Cee’s founder and designer, Laura Cloke told Lingerieblog.co.uk, “I’m a great believer in not keeping sumptuous silk frills under wraps, camisoles and bed jackets make flirtatious outerwear and add a touch of romanticism to everyday dressing. This is why I created the Bridal Knicker range to add excitement, sensuality, and above all fun for any bride or bride to be.”

Ell & Cee began in 2002 when Kent-based designer Laura Cloke, 29, a former fashion graduate started producing handmade collections of feminine pieces for selected London boutiques.  Fed up with taking 50’s-style petticoats and adapting them into modern day pieces, Laura took inspiration from these original designs and began creating beautiful lingerie and other delicate fancies.

Recognition and media attention grew for the vintage inspired boudoir pieces and Ell & Cee began to establish a place in the luxury lingerie market.

Ell & Cee's Bridal