CrystalCups is a new brand that combines lingerie with the wellbeing properties of crystals.  Their day and night camisole sets feature an integrated pocket in the centre panel next the heart chakra (your cleavage) where specially selected crystals are placed to enhance the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of the wearer.

Managing Director of CrystalCups, Bunmi Aboaba is no stranger to crystals and has used them with positive results. She would often place little tumbled crystals into her bra and when one happened to fall out during a flight bound for London the CrystalCupsLingerie concept was born. Bunmi told, “The idea was wonderful, the beauty of lingerie combined with the true vibrancy of crystals and their wellbeing energies.”

Check out the website for more info – launching during November.

CrystalCups camisole