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Gorgeous Bodies From PrimaDonna And How To Wear Them

We love a good body. The comfort, security and knowing that you’re wearing something a little bit different always makes you feel good so we got all excited when PrimaDonna dropped a bunch of bodies into our Inbox with some tips on how to wear them.

Aim for cleavage – bodies give you the chance to show off a little bit of cleavage at the same time as having some excellent support so ideal for larger cup sizes. Think about unbuttoning one or two buttons of your top and create a subtle but sexy look.

Sheer tops look great with bodies – we’ve all got a top that’s a little bit transparent and instead of having the i-can-see-your-bra look go for something a little more elegant and subtle to show off your body. Offering a glimpse of a lovely pattern under a semi-sheer white top can create a great look for an evening out.

Show off your curves – match a close fitting top with a body and your curves will be seriously accentuated. Most bodies offer great support and a chance to give yourself a really smooth look so dig out that tight top, match it up with a gorgeous body and head out for a great night.

Use one as nightwear – if you want something a little different, seductive and sensual for going to bed in then look no further than a body. It might be a bit of a tease and it may not stay on all night but it WILL look great.

Dangerous outerwear – a lot more ladies are wearing their underwear as outerwear and if you match up a body with a nice pair of jeans, high-waisted trousers or pencil skirt you can create a great look for a night out. Are you brave enough?

Check out some lovely bodies below from Primadonna and see more on their website.