A new lingerie kickstarter campaign has launched with the aim being to create handmade fantasy/comic book inspired lingerie that you can wear everyday.

Designed and manufactured by Amy Beales and Jessica Watson the idea is to create proper lingerie and not cheap cosplay. Wear this lingerie as underwear whenever you want and we think the idea is great.

There’s a whole bunch of ranges to chose from all inspired by comic books, super heroes and geek culture. Take a look below at Luna, Harlequin, Diana, Alice, Steampunk and even more.

The goal is to raise NZ$22,000 and create original, handmade lingerie that you can enjoy for a long time.

Check out the pics below and the Kickstarter project here and pledges with underwear start from NZ$35.

Kink Geek Luna

Kink Geek Harlequin

Kink Geek Ninetails