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Luxury Winter Loungewear From Longstaff Longstaff. Made In UK.

Something a little bit special has landed in our Inbox and we’re really excited to show you these gorgeous images from the latest silk loungewear collection from Longstaff Longstaff. Its so good they named it twice 😉

Now this is luxury. The print designs used throughout the collection are hand painted by Longstaff Longstaff’s creative director Sophie Barnard. The Lotus, Buttercup, Lacewing and Royal Paisley prints are all inspired and influenced by Sophie’s love of intricate floral patterns. You only have to look once at the designs to want one of everything.

Sophie told, “I’ve always had an appetite for textiles, developing elaborate designs by hand from a very early age and Longstaff Longstaff is my canvas for communicating this passion. My intricate designs and precise finishes allow one to feel sophisticated and stylish even when lounging with one’s feet up whilst enjoying a glass of wine.”

The whole collection is made in the UK and you’ll find lots of French seams that create a sleek, graceful silhouette with the pyjama shirt featuring long sharp collars designed by bespoke shirt-maker Sean O’Flynn.

There’s not much else to say, just look at the images below and discover more on the Longstaff Longstaff website.