We’re big fan of Miraclesuit and always love to see the latest styles and collections. Today we’re looking at solutions for thighs and hips in the Comfort Leg collection.

You’ll find three different items in this collection, a high waist brief, waistline brief and moulded cup bodybriefer that are all designed to smooth, shape and generally help your look under any type of clothing.

The High Waist Brief offers a little back support, helps to flatten your tummy and control thighs whilst staying comfortable. Colour choices are black and nude.

If you’re looking for so extra firm control on your thighs and bum then look at the Waistline Brief that will stay in place due to the non slip edging and will give you a great look under tighter clothing.

If you want all over extra firm control then take a look at the Bodybriefer is for you and will smooth and shape your whole body so you can create a great smooth look, especially around the high leg area.

Each of the styles feature Micraclesuit’s comfort leg panels that allow the garment to move in any direction and adjust to your body. The idea is that you’ll get shape and control but at the same time plenty of comfort. Shapewear of the past was always a little uncomfy, not anymore!

Check out the pics above and below and you can always see the latest Miraclesuite shapewear on Amazon.

Miraclesuit Leg Collection

Miraclesuit Leg Collection