shock absorberWith the current UK breast size being 36D many women are facing problems with bounce during exercise. Over 9 million out of the 12 million women who exercise on a regular baisis do not protect their breasts properly and could end up with premature sagging and breast pain during exercise.

Sports bra manufacturer Shock Absorber have got together with The University of Portsmouth to carry out in-depth research which helps them develop comfortable and supportive sports bras.

The problem is that within the breast there are only two supporting structures keeping them up: the overlying skin and the connective tissue, known as the Coopers ligaments. Repetitive stress over time, such as that caused by exercise, stretches the Cooper’s ligaments and the skin consequently reducing the support mechanisms of the breast which can ultimately lead to sagging of the breasts.

Choosing a sports bra depends a lot on the type of exercise you do and how hard you push yourself. Wearing the right sports bra can reduce bounce and movement by up to 74%. Shock Absorber have designed a Bounce-o-Meter which shows you how much your breasts are moving and recommends which level of Shock Absorber bra you need.

Choosing the right sports bra will make exercising less painful and a lot more fun!

Bounce O Meter