Patrick & Skinner have launched their new indulgence ‘The Sweetie Shop’. The new theme ‘The Sweetie Shop’ is designed for the P&S goddess, with all the naughty & nice of candies in mind. Influence was drawn from the era of classic Hollywood glamour, feminine pin-up sirens and 1950’s and 60’s ultra ladylike swimwear patterns.

The indulgence itself is taken from delightfully traditional British candies and musty candy shops, hard-boiled sweets & pick a mix creating a scrumptious canvas for us to play upon.

The sweeties on offer will have roots in the community of all sweetie fanatics, though those of you who are not familiar with our selection will develop a Moorish taste for them! Presenting ‘The Custard Creams’ as the opening assortment, this vibrant collection is laced with the irresistible colour palettes of a traditional hard-boiled sweetie.

Flavours available include Apple & Custard Rhubarb & Custard and Banana & Custard. The custard creams are scrumptiously crafted by hand with the finest British silks, incorporating luxurious silk sashes to be tied in delicious bows sprinkled with details such as silk covered bra straps to appeal to your sweet tooth…

Available online to buy at Peacock & Strutt