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Why is American lingerie so boring!

OK, so the title of this post probably isn’t totally fair but from what I’ve heard at a lot of the recent Summer trade shows ‘boring’ could be close to the truth.

Like many bloggers we’ve been trundling round the Summer trade shows, meeting designers and PR people and viewing the new SS14 collections. A lot of the brands we spoke to had recently been in the USA trying to sell their wares and expand into new markets and we kept hearing a the same thing over and over again.

Nude or Black, Nude or Black, Nude or Black

One of the brands reps we spoke to said she got really fed up with hearing Nude or Black. I’m not mentioning any names but this brand offers a wonderful range of original prints, bold colours and beautiful pastel reds and blues and after all the effort they went to all they heard time and time again was “Does it come in nude or black”. Hardly anyone was interested in the prints or colours, they just wanted Nude or Black!

Now this wasn’t just random people saying nude or black this was store owners and lingerie buyers, the people who stock the shelves of American lingerie stores so if all they want is Nude and Black, is that was the average American woman wants?

We are spoilt for choice here in Europe. Whenever a new brand hits our Inbox we can see it oozes inspiration from France, Italy and many other European nations and we hardly ever see Nude or Black and when we do see black it’s usually full of lace and cut extremely sensually. The trend here in the UK right now is that if you want to show off some lingerie make it bright and bold or with wonderful prints. I get the impression talking to different brands its not the same in the US.


You need a T-Shirt Bra in Nude or Black!

Another one of the brands we had a chat with did some mystery shopping whilst they were in the states and time and time again they came across the phrase “You know what would suit you, a t-shirt bra in nude or black”. That’s all they got sold in a lot of stores, its what was recommended. Forget laces, prints and embroidery, forget great colours, plunges and push-ups what you need is a simple black or nude T Shirt bra!

Here in the UK I hardly ever get basic t-shirt bra styles end up in the Inbox, everything has a cut about it, a sensual feel, lace, embroidery and a gorgeous look. You can’t possibly feel like you’re wearing fantastic lingerie when its a nude or black T Shirt bra. Granted there is always room for a good t-shirt bra in your drawer but this isn’t the only style that’s available!

Maybe I’m being a bit unfair. I’ve seen some lovely looking lingerie from the US but not nearly as much as I do from Europe and UK designers in particular have bee coming up with some really original styles over the past couple of years. All I’m doing is passing on a trend that I heard a lot from a number of people.

Feel free to tell me I’m wrong in the comments and I’m sure there will be a few!