Lingerie giant Triumph has undertaken a global piece of research in France, China, Japan, Italy, Germany and the U.K, which has culminated into one of the biggest international bra studies in the world and reveals new findings on women and their bras.

Findings from a Usage and Attitude Study by COIN cements the fact that breast and bodies are in the forefront of women’s minds and gives incredible insight into how women perceive their own body image and how our attitudes towards underwear can be shaped by culture, habit and social norm.

Most noticeably, the average woman today is closer to a size 16 than a size 12, and the most common bra size has leapt- 34 is the most frequent bought under breast size and DD is the most frequent cup size. This is ahead of other European countries like France, Italy and Germany and Asian countries like China and Japan.

Half of Brits (51%) still think the hourglass body shape is the most attractive, despite the fact that the majority of women’s bodies now simply do not fit the bill, with apple figures (weight carried round the middle) ranking behind pear-shaped women (larger hips and thighs), rectangles (no curves) and even boyish figures.

The average British woman’s chest and hips are now 4cm bigger than ladies in the 1950s, and what’s more, she’s now 5cm taller (167cm) and her weight has risen from 62kg to 65kg.

More than three quarters of British women feel having a beautiful bust is important (77%), despite 83% wear a bra out of habit and almost eight in ten women (78%) saying they have problems with their breasts.

Other interesting findings from the study include:

In Japan, almost all bras are padded because it is considered indecent and in some parts, a complete taboo, to have the nipples show through.

69% of Italian women wear a sexy bra when others can see it.

The main reason for wearing a bra in France is to receive compliments.

81% of German women are satisfied with their overall appearance compared to just 75% of women in the U.K.

In China, 99% of women consider a beautiful bust to be the highest importance overall, compared to the only 77% in the U.K.

Check out the fantastic video below to find out what women in London think about their boobs and bodies.