What’s Your Nude is the latest lingerie campaign to hit the headlines and they are trying to get brands, manufacturers and retailers to create and sell more actual nude bras.

Just do a search on Google for Nude Bra and you’ll see that the colour Nude tends to be kind of beige colour…..but that’s not nude for everyone.

If your’re heritage is African, Indian, South American, Mediterranean then the Nude above is not really for you. The What’s Your Nude campaign is trying to get brands to create more bras in different shades of brown so that everyone can get a really Nude bra. We caught up with Tara from L.A and asked about the canmpaign.

What was the tipping point that made you put fingers to keyboard and start the What’s Your Nude campaign ?
I wanted a brown bra. I became frustrated by the fact that for years, I have shopped and accepted that my “nude” is a black bra. I decided that this acceptance is ridiculous and I wanted to speak out about it! I decided if I felt this annoyance, surely other women feel the same way!

What sort of response have you had from brands and retailers to your campaign emails ?
Other than Olga and Warner, who have responded both on twitter and email with personal messages, a lot of the response has been “canned” or generic customer service responses. One retailer has responded with a message that pretty much said “It’s not our fault it is the buyer’s fault” So I have reached out to some buyers on Twitter.

How can others join the campaign and spread the word ?
Others can join the campaign by “liking” the facebook page and sending an email to retailers and manufacturers of bras asking for more quantity and variety of brown bras! If the consumers demand more, the retailers, buyers, manufacturers will listen!

What would be a “Result” for the campaign ?
A result would be for me to walk into major retailers and be able to choose from more than one brown bra. I know this cannot happen overnight. However, SOME response regarding future plans and efforts from retailers would suffice for now.

What’s your favourite brand of lingerie, what makes you feel great ?
My favorite brand is “sale” at the moment. However, I like the Gap body and t-shirt bras and the Frederick’s of Hollywood extreme cleavage line! I would feel GREAT if I could enjoy these bras in brown!!

If you want to join the campaign take a look on facebook or Twtter

What's Your Nude Lingerie Campaign