Panache Lingerie has struck up a partnership with UK breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! who are dedicated to educating people on the importance of checking their breasts regularly and knowing the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

Panache Lingerie got involved after Marketing Manager Steve Hazlehurst saw “Kris’ story” on The Pride of Britain Awards show. Steve told, “Kris was so young when she discovered she had breast cancer. We’ve seen the amazing work the charity have done over the past couple of years and really wanted to help in some way.”

Panache Lingerie plan to donate to a specific project named “The Boobettes” who are a group of young women who have all been affected by breast cancer through having the disease, undergoing treatment or even just a breast cancer scare. These young women will act as ambassadors for CoppaFeel! and visit schools, colleges, youth centres, events and offices to educate the masses about the importance of getting to know their boobs.

Check out the website for more about CoppaFeel! and check out the video below.