Last Years Winners Fifteen bottoms from all over the UK will go on stage this evening as their owners bid for glory as the possessor of the best looking male and female bottoms in Britain – and the opportunity to front a global underwear campaign.

Selected as British finalists from hundreds of hopefuls who posted their pictures for online voting on, the cheeky finalists will flaunt their best ass-ets at the trendy Café de Paris club in London before an authoritative panel of judges.

As diverse as their bottoms, the contestants include students, office workers, dancers, a hairdresser and a lifeguard as well as a new mum with a 3-month old daughter.

With blue for the boys and red for the girls, all will be wearing sloggi briefs designed especially for the occasion.

Closely scrutinizing the contestants will be top UK psychologist Dr David Holmes, famous for devising a formula for the perfect bottom, sporting legend Linford Christie, last year’s female winner Yolande Elliott, plus model scouts and media personalities.

Men will be judged using Dr Holmes’ criteria for overall shape, symmetry, muscularity, leanness, firmness and skin texture.

Women will be assessed on overall shape, circularity, resilience or bounce factor, firmness, vertical ratio and skin texture.

Dr Holmes told, “Bottoms are an important indicator of someone’s overall health, so this contest has a very serious side.  By drawing attention to individual’s derrières we hope that people will consider their own and if necessary, take action.  By 2050, 60% of men and 50% of women could be clinically obese.

On a lighter note, he said that men and women fall into two camps when it comes to taste.

“Men tend to be divided on shape, going either for a nice round bottom like Kylie Minogue’s or a fuller, curvier shape like J-Lo’s.  Kelly Brook and Charlotte Church are also rated as bot idols.

“Women are more choosy on texture.  Some prefer the taut, muscular and rugged shape of Jean Claude Van Damme, but most prefer Brad Pitt’s “baby bum.”

The lucky male and female winners on Tuesday evening will be presented with a motor scooter on which to perch their pert posteriors, then flown to Paris next month for an international showdown on November 12th, with contestants from 32 countries across the globe, all eager to be judged as having the best bottom in the world.

The final winners will have their beautiful behinds insured, star in a global advertising campaign for sloggi undies and pocket a 15,000 Euro prize each.