With so many different shapewear brands and styles to choose from how can we know which ones really work and which silhouettes actually shape the areas we want to target. Check out these Summer shapewear solutions.

Maxi Dresses
These often need something to flatten the tummy or they can end up hanging very unflatteringly like a smock! The strapless slip or strapless body from Bodywrap both have built in bras and offer perfect underpinning to ensure that the Maxi won’t maximise you this Summer!

Maxi Dresses

Belted Dresses
Smooth and cool is the result here! In the warmer weather we don’t want to be cinched in by our waist nipper but we do want to get our posture right, have our tummy held in bottom lifted and thighs smoothed. A mid to firm control girdle is perfect for this and brands like Naomi & Nicole offer advanced shaping, great control and a modern look. The high waist brief (below) will easily flatten your tummy, smooth your bum and stay in place all day long.

Belted Dress

Flared Trousers????
Its all very well looking svelte and slim but if you’re going to keel over in the middle of the day from heat exhaustion and stomach cramps, its not really worth it! If your thighs and bottom are the area you want to tame then the Naomi & Nicole Luxurious Shaping High Waist Thigh Shaper will even out your silhouette and create a wonderfully smooth base ready to show of your new flared trousers! It also flattens your tummy as well.

High Waist Thigh Shaper

So there you go, three great shapewear solutions to help you look great and stay cool this Summer.