Hello I am Jo-Ann Hall and I am the designer for Flirty Thirtys Lingerie. I have been in the clothing industry for over 30 years designing lingerie and bridalwear.

What inspired you to become a lingerie designer?
The team identified that there is a gap in the market to supply this type of lingerie at the right price.

What makes your designs different from others?
Our lingerie is authentic to the glamour and style of the 1930s brought up to date.

Are there any celebrities wearing your designs and who are they?
Not yet!

Do you wear your own products?
Of course!

What’s your favourite lingerie brand (not your own!) and why?
The ultimate lingerie designer, Janet Reger.

Do you think there’s enough choice for D+ sizes?
We do not just want to sell to a size 8. We offer petite to curvaceous sizes in a choice of colours to suite everyone.

Are you happy with the way lingerie is sized? If not what changes would you like to see?
There needs to be more bespoke lingerie out there and we hope to offer this service in future. not everyone is a standard size so we offer mix and match where we can to help with this.

What advice would to give to an aspiring lingerie/swimwear designer?
Take real body measurements and use this when you are designing. We are not all stick insects, we have curves as well so you need to remember this as you design.

How do you get your inspirations for new collections?
I do look at the past when women wanted to be really feminine inside to out, rather than outside to in when I am designing. what do women want next to their skin, that only they know about. I design for them. I also get inspiration from fabrics.

Do you use paper and pencil to design your first draft or is it all done on computer?
It is in my head and I make a sample and go from there

What would you be doing if you weren’t a designer?
I will always be a designer.

What are you working on right now?
My next idea! Different fabrics such as silk, and a trousseau inspired collection.

What makes a great lingerie model?
A curvy model, a great photogenic face and a female photographer!

Flirty Thirtys is available online at Esty Lingerie.

Flirty Thirtys