Laura George Laura George is an exquisite brand of luxury bridal garters. I launched the business last year after getting married and not been able to find a truly beautiful garter that fitted well. I have now made it my job to create the perfect wedding garter for every brides big day.

What inspired you to become a lingerie designer?
I have always had an interest in fashion and been encouraged to be creative.  My mum was a textiles teacher and her dad a designer in a Yorkshire mill, so you could say it runs in the family.  After taking a degree in contour fashion I know that lingerie design was for me.  I just love bringing all the elements of fabrics and trims together with good fit to create the perfect piece.

What makes your designs different from others?
My designs are unique, elegant and modern with a touch of glamour. I believe that good quality fabrics and perfect fit are at the heart of all my designs. I only use silks, soft tulles and antique style laces, embellished with Swarovski crystals and pearls, hand tied bows and beading. I also offer a size range from XS-XL, rather than having a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Do you wear your own products?
Yes, although not on a daily basis due to the nature of my product. I think it is important as a designer to appreciate your own designs and know how they look and feel.

What advice would to give to an aspiring lingerie/swimwear designer?
Designing is so much more than putting pen to paper.  Learn as much as possible about the industry from fabrics to construction, fit to manufacture and sales to consumer. A degree in contour fashion is a great place to start , but not essential. Always enjoy what you are designing and know who you are designing for. Be true to your own ideas and remember a lot of hard work and determination goes along way.

How do you get your inspirations for new collections?
As my product also falls into the bridal industry i take a lot of inspiration from there. When I see all the gorgeous jewellery and dresses, the fabrics and sparkly details that make up the most important day of someone’s life, i just want to create something beautiful to go with it all.

How long does it take to create a collection, from the first drawing to the first off the shelf?
About six months.

Do you use paper and pencil to design your first draft or is it all done on computer?
I am more of a conceptual designer so i like to spread out all of my fabrics and laces in my studio and then combine them with different bows, trinkets and Swarovskis. This helps me to create different combinations before making up the designs. It gets a bit messy, but i think that all part of the creative process.

How do you find new and different materials to use?
Trade shows around the world are a great source for new fabrics, designs and technologies.  I also have some good suppliers who send me their new fabrics as they are launched.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a designer?
I would quite like to live on a farm, own a tea shop and run the country for a day

What are you working on right now?
The SS11 collection, bespoke designs for my ‘Couture’ service, expanding the stockist base and lots of PR and marketing.