Valerie Wright from Vee PrettyValerie or Vee (a nickname from Australian cousins) uses sumptuous silks and fine fabrics, luxurious padded and embellished with machine embroidery, trims and /or gorgeous decorations.

Each individually designed piece comes with its own certificate, stating what materials have been used and how to care for them, signed by Valerie.

What makes Vee Pretty unique?
I am the only person I know off making handmade luxury lingerie cases in the UK. My designs are ‘one only’ so are unique. I also love to work on commissions with clients choosing colours and thinking through design ideas to create the something special for a theme, occasion or personalisation. High quality embroidery designs are produced by my partner David, on our professional Brother embroidery machine.

What drew you into designing Lingerie cases?
The starting point was when I made a lingerie case for my daughter-in-law as a present for her honeymoon. This was an item known by my grandmother’s and mother’s generations who knew how to keep a sense of romance and a hint of intrigue. Plus they are a practical way to store items at home or when travelling – no more worries about the cleanliness of hotel drawers!

I love lingerie and the creative process of designing and making the cases. I want to bring back an old idea – vintage at its best. Friends told me they were too beautiful to hide in a drawer and some displayed them on their bed instead. This gave me the idea for nightdress cases to look like cushions.

What or who inspires you?
So many things! I love to combine textures by adding trims, ribbons, lace and/or sparkle to enhance fabrics, inspired by the patterns, colours and textures I have seen in architecture and nature.

The person who inspires me to this day is my needlework teacher from school. From age 11 she taught me the basics of sewing – attention to detail and the highest standard of work were expected as the norm. As I work on a piece I often still see her face and hear her voice even after 40+ years!

How do you choose fabrics and trims?
I buy from reputable UK suppliers and under the guidance of our local Trading Standards have created system to keep samples and records of every item. My favourite fabric is silk especially fine Dupion. I mix a variety of trims and embellishments to create a new and individual look.

What kind of woman will buy Vee Pretty and why?
Every woman! My designs are so varied – I’ve sold to ladies from their 20’s to 80’s. The key is a love of high quality and style. You don’t have to have any ‘type’ of lingerie in particular to use a Lingerie Case – everyday, special occasion, tights or stockings – put what you like in it! Indeed feedback is that women do just that.

Nightdress cases can be for long or short nightdress, negligees or PJ’s  Corset cases hung in a wardrobe can also be used to store your tights safely.

Every woman should have something beautiful to look at every morning as she opens her drawer. My Grandmother went through two World Wars and The Great Depression and I know her spirits where lifted to see her bright yellow and black lingerie case, which incidentally I still have.

Vee Pretty items make wonderful presents for the woman who has everything. A lingerie case is something most women don’t really know they want, but when you have one it becomes an, ‘I can’t live without’. A nightdress case is a way get a decoration on the bed if you have a partner who hates cushions- it’s allowed because it has a use!

Future plans
My product lines have already expanded recently with the Corset Case. I have new shapes for Lingerie cases in mind and we have been experimenting with embroidering on ribbon. Last month we made a garter for our daughter’s wedding, embroidered with words from the weddings vows. We have more ideas on creating our own embellishments, embroidering on ribbons and buttons.

Find out more about Vee Pretty on their website.

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