Porzia T Porzia T’s collection Privata is the first collection designed by Paola Tessariol. The company founded last September by Paola who has worked at some of the most prestigious Italian fashion houses.

The collection of lingerie and accessories has been inspired by Porzia, the famous character of William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice.

Porzia T means luxury temptations and it shows with the exclusive quality of selected fabrics and materials which is enhanced by handmade production.

The key elements are satin, the tones of white,  rose and black, as well as sparkling crystals that are applied like drops of jewels on the garments, which are all entirely lined with the purest silk to softly caress the body.

Strings are introduced in three versions: a basic one, another one with triple band at the back and a more sophisticated model with double band at the hips figuring a bow with a coquette touch.

Mini knickers as well are developed in different versions: basic or more sophisticated with five bands, front and back, for a seductive geometry of lines that dress the skin and leave it “undressed” at the same time.

Satin shorts are must-haves, with rounded lines at the hips that follow the silhouette, thus transforming the garment into a light and fluttering fancy.

The range of bras unveils very chic models: triangle cups, ultra compact push-up bras and strapless corset bras.
The latter is also interpreted in a sexier version, with bands reaching the neck from the breast and creating a collar-necklace in a can-can style.

For glamorous nights Porzia T offers a range of haute couture nightwear: corsets with bands and collar-necklace, laced up with a bow falling at the back; tops with bands, collar-necklace with a bow and a low-cut V back; soft baby-dolls with triangle cups, cut on the front to catch a glimpse of body and belly.