We always love talking about UK made lingerie so meet House Of Satin who produce high quality hand made lingerie in a studio based in Derby.

This is vintage style lingerie with some added luxury. All the collections are inspired by their long heritage in British manufacturing and many of the designs have been created from original patterns dating back to 1948.

Vintage style lingerie is very, very popular right now and we love the new range created for Valentines Day which is delightfully called Moonstone. This is part of the Satin Gems collection and has a peaches and cream colour palette which is lovely to see, lots of Valentines lingerie is just black or red. This is playful and feminine lingerie in the style of the 40’s and 50’s.

There’s lots more to see on the House Of Satin website so nip over and don’t forget to check out the girdles…. love them!

House Of Satin