We always love it when we come across a brand or organisation that gives something back to the world and today we are sharing a very special case in which helps fundraise and raise awareness of fertility issues, which effects women and men every day!

Natasha Bishop, 19, who founded the Pants Project, suffers with a rare condition called Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hause syndrome, or MRHF for short. This means that she was born without a womb or vagina and the Pants Project is all about spreading that awareness and the reality of fertility through the means of lingerie.

Launched December 2016, the Pants Project is a non-profit organisation to help raise funds and awareness of those facing the tragic issue of infertility, with the help of lingerie! Join the fight for fertility by shopping online at the Pants Project, with their designer made knickers where all proceeds go to the Fertility Network UK.

As well as in-house designed lingerie by Charley Chiddle, customers can buy from their favourite designers, which a percentage of profits go to Fertility Network UK including the likes of Fleur of England, Nichole de Carle, Mimi Holiday, Loveday London, Brighton Lace, Lascivious, Bluebella, Lustre Lingere, Isador Intimates, Elissa Poppy, Edge O’ Beyond, Playful Promises and Miss Crofton.

We absolutely love this project and hope to spread the word fast; after all fertility makes the world go round! Currently, there are around 3.5 million people in the UK facing infertility issues, both men and women. The Pants Project is a wonderful platform to spread the awareness of the struggles that men and women face. Get involved this Valentines Day by joining the Pants Project in London where they will be auctioning off underwear from 11 of Britain’s most prestigious lingerie designers.

Fertility Network UK supports those affected by fertility problems, from aiding future plans with fertility, individuals wanting to become parents, those facing challenges of childlessness and those who have been successful after fertility problems.

If you or anyone close to you has been affected by this article, you can find more information online at www.fertilitynewtowrkuk.org or call 0121 323 5025 and get your next pair of pants from The Pants Project.