Playgirl London Pink With summer time just around the corner, its time to come out of the dark and into the summer sunshine with Playgirl London’s pretty pink corset collection.

The online corsetry company and online burlesque boutique are getting into the summer swing of things by showcasing their collection of rosy pink waist reducing overbust and underbust corsets.

Playgirl London team their corsetry skills with burlesque artists and alternative artists to make garments that are truly unique in design and fit.

The latest collection has been designed to reflect the changing role of the corset from a functional garment to the ultimate in luxury.

They also have a new recruit, Paulina De La Passionfruit who is a burlesque beauty who’s hoping to take on the social networking phenomenon by a storm showcasing the brands corsets with her to die for hourglass figure!

Paulina told, “I am delighted Playgirl London have taken me on to showcase their corsets”.

“A corset never goes out of style! It is the single most attractive piece of clothing a woman can buy! Once a garment that was used to oppress is now the ultimate expression of sexuality and freedom,

“Playgirl London make real corsets at a reasonable price, made with generous amounts of steel and cloth that is generously reinforced, this helps achieve the sexy and seductive hourglass figure and can help achieve a waist reduction of up to 4 inches, on their specialist made to measure corsets this can be increased to six inches! Which is how I maintain my 50’s pin up pose for my friends on Facebook!”

“It doesn’t matter what shape you are.  Burlesque is about feeling positive about who you are and about knowing how to shake what you have and being proud of it!  Hopefully by bringing back burlesque, it will bring back the kind of body that is round on top and round on bottom!”

Play Girl London Pink