Simeon Dacumos Tushe has launched US designer and fashion stylist, Simeon Dacumos to the UK.  The San Francisco-based designer will present his two main collections, ‘Tushe™’ and ‘Apéritif™’, both of which will be available exclusively through the online boutique.

Simeon Dacumos, made his mark on the world of lingerie through his revolutionary ‘Tushe’™ collection of undergarments. ‘Tushe™’ was especially designed out of the desire for women to further accentuate their buttocks while simultaneously slimming the thigh area. The result is a fully adjustable garment at the thigh for extra slimming control and at the waste for additional comfort, and to further lift the bottocks.

‘Apéritif’™ is a couture inspired lingerie collection which combines elements of high fashion to classic lingerie, extending its role beyond undergarments.

Both styles are made from the highest quality of French lace, Italian trimmings and a luxurious mesh and lycra spandex from Belgium.

Simeon’s career in high fashion was born out of his desire to accentuate symmetry in the female form, inspired by working in a gym in San Francisco. He understands the insecurities and tribulations experienced by his female clients, and experiments with contouring lingerie.

Annabel Gatward, founder and director of told, “Simeon Dacumos is one of the world’s most exciting new designers who has managed to create a highly innovative and functional lingerie collection which is innately beautiful, exceptionally desirable and at the cutting edge of style. Simeon’s work is very much about extending the role of lingerie, beyond hidden undergarments, to playing a key part in high fashion at the same time as boosting a woman’s confidence.”

Simeon told us “With ‘Tushe’™ and ‘Apéritif’™ I aimed to venture back to the origin of lingerie’s intended purpose – acting as functional comfortable under wear, but more importantly about enticing a partner, adding romance and embracing female sensuality in a tasteful and elegant manner.”

“In terms of launching my collections in the UK, I’m delighted to be represented by which I believe is an online boutique offering the highest degree of quality, sophistication and style all round.”

Simeon Dacumos Aperitif